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Payment Options

  • Visa and Master Card
  • Bank Transfers (additional fees may apply)
  • We offer Open Account (Net 30) after credit approval
  • COD (cash on delivery) additional fees may apply
  • Cash, Check or Money Order

Methods of Delivery:

  • For shipments under 150 lbs unless otherwise specified we use UPS. We prepay and add the shipping charges to your invoice.
  • If you choose not to use UPS or the shipment is over 150 lbs. You may specify a method of shipment and the carrier you want us to use.

International Shipment

  • We need your account number for the carrier you wish to use.
  • You also may choose a domestic forwarder for us to ship to and they will forward to you. We ship worldwide from our facility in Indianapolis, IN USA.

We strive for the shortest time possible based on the item and quantity ordered. 

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